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mdiplo Jul 07, 8:07pm via Twitter for Mac

Vidéo – Voix de la résistance (50e anniversaire du journal au palais des sports, mai 2004) youtu.be/OeO6ysb6WKc


RealTimeWWII Jul 05, 11:55pm via Twitter Web Client

Dutch govt. & police cooperate with Nazi forced labour orders; most Jews comply, expecting to return home after war. pic.twitter.com/HFEmgZjTOu


RealTimeWWII Jul 05, 11:47pm via Twitter Web Client

Nazi occupiers of Netherlands are ordering 1000s of Dutch Jews to report for deportation to “work camps” in Germany. pic.twitter.com/IQobxDht5j


Outre_Meuse Mar 13, 2012, 6:01pm via Hootsuite

Read Tibaert ▸ today’s top stories via @toxinews @presidentweb @MrWonkish ▸ paper.li/Tibaert/131322…

Outre_Meuse Mar 13, 2012, 5:59pm via Hootsuite

Read Louis Sartorius Journal ▸ today’s top stories via @JusDaze @OBAblogs @CoosvanRpaper.li/tibaert_extra/… #pvv #vvd #cda

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